On the Table– June 20 through 26

On this, the fourth Sunday of the month, we are pleased to invite you to a metaphorical celebration that accomplishes literal work: A Barn-Raising!

A couple of folks suggested we muster our forces to come alongside a longtime friend of Common Table, the one and only Maranda! She has some yardwork to do, as well as some venison steaks she’ll cook on the grill. So plan to bring some gloves, pruners, and maybe a shovel (they are apparently large weeds!). There’s also a fence to be repaired (tools and materials are provided) and some grass to be cut (we’ll have a riding mower and weed whacker on site, but if you can bring a push mower and/or a trimmer, we’d be much obliged). Mostly, though, we’d love to have your presence as we enjoy some time outside and some fellowship.

Oh! And bring bathing suits and towels for your kids so they can run through the sprinkler if it’s hot.

Time: starting 9am (yes, of course you can come later than that)
Place: 4415 Shari Court, Catharpin, VA 20143

Hope to see you on Sunday!

–Mike Stavlund