On the Table– April 20 through 26

You, my friend, are wise to check this website before making any plans for Sunday morning.  Because Common Table– in its intentional and (perhaps) irritating way– will not be having a ‘regular’ meeting on Sunday morning.  Instead, we’ll be doing another kind of regular meeting:  a Barn Raising, where we get together at the home of a friend to pitch in and get some work done. It’s our way of getting out of what might be a predictable routine, but also a way for us to put hands and feet to our high ideals.

We’ll be gathering at our friend Liz’s house (no, not that Liz, this is the Liz that lives across the street from that Liz) to pull some weeds, spread some mulch, paint some exterior trim, and paint the fence (insert Tom Sawyer humor here).  (And if you’re with the HOA, yes, Yes, YES! we got the exact correct paint color and finish… …from the pro paint store you require…  …yes, coordinated to her exact address…  and yes, it’s SATIN… sheesh.)   We’ll also celebrate Eucharist together with a home-grown liturgy we like (we reserve the right to substitute a donut for the bread), all in the great outdoors.
Come at 9am (or later) and stay as long as you’re able.  If you’d like to join us, contact us for directions.  Hope to see you there!
–Mike Stavlund
PS.  We are aware that some weather forecasts suggest some potential rain for Sunday, so keep an eye on this space for any updates to our schedule.