On the Table– May 25 through 31

In months like this one that feature five Sundays, we’re always happy to see gatherings of Common Tablers spontaneously spinning up on that ‘extra’ Sunday.  Often they are smaller affairs, with a few people gathering for a concert or hike or meal or other event, but this month we’re happy to invite you to a broader gathering.  Carol and Todd Rivetti have kindly invited us over to their home for a relaxed hang-out and pot-luck lunch.  They have some awesome and active kids, and invite kids of all ages to enjoy some ping-pong, trampoline, and other fun stuff.  If you can bring some food, please declare your intentions on the sign up sheet so we don’t end up with all buns and no hot dogs.  ;-)

We’ll be getting together Sunday at 11:30am at 13519 Wisteria Way, Fairfax VA  22033. Hope to see you there!

–Mike Stavlund