On the Table– September 29 through October 5

We’re getting the band back together!!  From all across the fruited plain of DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, band members are assembling at Jammin’ Java on Sunday morning.  Some are favorites from days of yore, and others are some of the newer, hipper folks.  But they’re all coming to lend their talents for a good old-fashioned CT ‘HUNGRY’ service.

…what’s that, you say?  Well, I’ll tell you then.  
A ‘Hungry’ service is a concept for worship that we developed several years ago, wherein we encourage everyone to come hungry (skip breakfast, or fast for a few more meals than that– we won’t be making any particular demands) and ready for a time of musical worship. We’ll gather to listen to music as well as do some participatory singing, and of course we’ll share a meal, talk together, and generally enjoy the company of God and people.  In particular, we’ll be considering the way in which our tradition of Eucharist/Communion is firmly embedded in table fellowship and a kind of familial gathering.
So come to Jammin’ Java at 10:15, bring a brunchy dish to share (anyone want some of my Swedish pancakes?) if you’re able, and be prepared for a great time together.
Hope to see you then!
–Mike Stavlund