On the Table– March 16 through 22

Due to unfortunate and inclement weather last month, we’ve rescheduled our Barn-Raising project for this coming Sunday.

Start Time: Sunday, March 22, NOON.   (Rachel will be ordering pizza (including gluten-free) for lunch, so please bring some cash to help cover that expense)

At the home of Rachel Birr Córdova and Julio Córdova Rogel

6220 Carters Lane
Riverdale, MD 20737

Projects: (prioritized from most to least important):
1. Deconstruct/remove the (wood and wire fencing) dog cage structure from back yard and carry to curb for bulk waste pick-up
2. Install sliding shower door in basement bathroom
3. Pick up additional trash items around yard (concrete pieces, etc).
4. Pick up extra branches in yard, place in yard waste bags, and carry to curb.
5. Add soil around the edges of house to improve grading (slope away from house)

For Outdoor Projects:

Rachel will provide:  trash bags, yard waste bags, 2 bags of soil.

And we workers should bring things like:  shovels, work gloves, Sawzall, hacksaw, wire cutters, hammers, and dropcloths to protect the floors if we go inside.

For the Indoor Project:  (if you have the skillz, you prolly have the tools)

Safety glasses
Miter box or square
Power screwdriver
#2 Phillips screwdriver
Masking tape
Electric Drill
Drill bit, 1/8″
Drill bit, 1/4″ masonry
Hack saw (with 32 teeth per inch blade)
Center punch
Caulking gun

Hope to see you there!

–Mike Stavlund