On the Table– January 16 through 22

Following Jesus is not easy. And not only for the sheer will needed to do it, but for all of the wondering about just what we should be doing in the first place. One of our main challenges is in separating our cultural lenses and political perspectives and tempting shortcuts from the actual task of following Jesus. We often wonder, “If he were here today, what would Jesus be doing?”. When we’re honest, we admit that our answer to that question has as much to do with ourselves as it does with Jesus.

The Lectionary for this week time-jumps right past all of that, right back to the very first followers of Jesus. Two sets of brothers, who set aside their livelihood and literally walked with the literal Jesus… to learn from him, and to see what he wanted to be about in the world. It must have been a staggering and beautiful challenge– missing their families and living on the road and being maligned and misunderstood… not to mention the huge task of trying to understand what the heck Jesus was actually talking about. But we might envy them this, at the very least: they were right there, at ground zero, learning directly from the source.

As we enter into a new year, we’ll be taking some time to consider this central task of following Jesus, and to compare notes about what that looks like for each of us and how we see that goal taking shape for 2017. So whether you’ve been doing this for decades or days (or whether you aren’t quite sure you should be following Jesus), we hope you’ll come participate. Your voice is essential and treasured at our Common Table.

We will gather at 10:15 on Sunday morning at Jammin’ Java, and we’ll be reconvening across the way at Chipotle for Full Eucharist at about noon. Hope to see you there!

–Mike Stavlund

P.S. Next Sunday (January 29), we plan to gather to share some goodness with someone who needs it. We call these ‘Barn-Raisings’, where we descend upon a project en masse to put our actions behind our words (see above ;-). If you know of a person or group or organization in need, please let us know.