On the Table: August 19-25

Hi church,

OK, as promised, this week is Barn Raising weekend!

When? Sunday the 25th, 10am – 1pm (or more if work remains and we feel heroic)

NOTE: Matt will be working all weekend, so if anyone is available on Saturday rather than Sunday, there’s definitely an opportunity to help him out then.

Where? Matt and Kendra’s house. Contact us for directions.

What? Matt will be spending Saturday and Sunday laying floors in the living room and hallways and finishing up the drywall patching and re-painting. He could use folks all day Sunday to get it done! There’s a plan for child care, too! Also beer, pizza, and our Barn Raising Liturgy with Holy Bagel!

Hope to see you there!

And the weekend after that (Labor Day weekend), it’s our annual church retreat at Shrine MontContact us for info or if you want to join for all or part of the wekeend!

Mike Croghan