On the Table – August 12-18

Hi church,

Normally (in our new normal – that is, the new schedule we started operating under within the past few months), this would be our Barn Raising weekend, where we gather to lend many hands, backs, and hearts to a project that blesses someone in our community (or extended community). But as circumstance would have it, we’re actually working on a Barn Raising for next weekend (normally our Sabbath weekend). I can for sure tell you this, though: we won’t be gathering at Jammin’ Java this weekend nor next weekend (nor the one after that, because we’ll be on our annual retreat!) So if you tend to only join is at Java, see you on September 8th!

So what’s up this weekend? Well, I have to tell you…it’s kind of sad. 🙁 We’re gathering on Saturday (5pm at the Weaversons’ – contact us for directions) to bid a fond farewell to our beloved James and Karen Win Vroom. They’re moving to California, where Karen will be saving many lives with her knife. This is a potluck, so bring something edible or drinkable to share if you can – but if not, we just want your presence. If you know and love Karen and James, we’d love for you to be there!!

And that’s it for this weekend. Stay tuned for deets on next weekend’s Barn Raising, and if you want to join us on our retreat in two weeks (which will be awesome fun), let us know!

Mike Croghan