(Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time!) On the Table– October 27 thru November 2

Oh, wow.  That wonderful sound you heard coming from Jammin’ Java last week was music– the actual live kind, made by real people in real time.  And we’ll have more of the same this week, so we’re feeling pretty blessed (and grateful to the many talented people who are bringing it).

We’ll also have a special guest this week, an internationally recognized expert on emergence and complexity (and a lot of other cool stuff), Eric Sarriot.  Eric’s become a friend to many of us, so we’re extra-excited to hear him lead some conversation about the theme “The Kingdom is Fractal”.  Here’s more from Eric:

“I’ve been a liberal Catholic, I’ve been often church-less, I’ve been Charismatic and navigated-if not bathed-in the waters of certainty of Evangelicalism, then found myself in the Emergent Church movement and in more liberal churches, just in time for my mid-life crisis (assuming I live to be 100). I’ve hit some questions along the way, as my life, the world, my job and my perspectives have become more aware of surrounding complexities. Is there something simple enough to live and live meaningfully after this journey?”
So be at Jammin’ Java at 10:15 on Sunday morning.  And remember to move your clocks back on Saturday night, or you’ll be embarrassingly early.
– Mike Stavlund