On the Table– December 15 through 21

Our holiday series ‘Christmas at the Table’ will culminate this week (on the actual and literal Winter Solstice!) with a kind of traditional Christmas service.  It will feature music, original Advent poetry by our very own Mike Croghan, and a good old-fashioned sermon, so pull out your Christmas sweater and see if Jen will make you an eggnog latte.  We’re also currently holding auditions to find someone to read Luke 2 in the style of Linus from the Peanuts TV Christmas special.  We hope to see you at Jammin’ Java on Sunday morning at 10:15.

Looking farther down the calendar, the Common Table Christmas party will indeed be happening, but not until the new year this year (still technically within the Twelve Days of Christmas, so liturgically defensible). We plan to meet at the Fairfax Railroad Museum on Saturday, January 3rd to celebrate together with our classic chili cook off and gingerbread decorating contest (and it’s never too early to do some trash-talking about your chili and gingerbread opponents). It’s the perfect place for CTers near and far to get together to catch up and eat some great food.  Don’t miss it!

–Mike Stavlund