On the Table, July 14 thru 20

I write to you from the past (or the future).  It’s a sunny, temperate day, sorta like a preview of fall or a recollection of spring.  I for one will take it, windows rolled down as I shuttle little people in the family truckster and think about the Sunday to come.

And speaking of little people, and speaking of Sunday (see what I did there?), we will be gathering for our traditional Third Sunday this coming weekend.  Though it is a tradition, however, it continues to lack for a name, this All-Ages, Spirit-led, bottom-up, non-format, open-source, bring-what-you-will format.  So this month, let’s call it ‘Share Chair’, and see if that sticks.

The basic idea being that we take the lead of the kids, who are accustomed to taking turns at the beginning of their gatherings in order to catch up on one another’s lives…  maybe you share something positive, or perhaps something unfortunate, or a new thought you’ve had, or an old problem that is dogging you, or some new event on the horizon.  We won’t put anyone on the spot, but we will make some space for all of us– of All-Ages!– to know and be known.

We hope to see you there, this Sunday the 20th at 10:15 at Jammin’ Java.

Mike Stavlund