On the Table– October 5 through 11

A linguist, a literary expert, and a theologian walk into a bar… 

In our ongoing effort to involve many voices and perspectives, a team of our very own scholars are– even as you read this!– engaging in a fresh experiment of collaboration at Common Table:  Panel of Preachers.  Instead of a single person sharing a single perspective, there is a dialogue taking place between three different scholars over one or more Lectionary passages.  You will be the beneficiary of their combined wisdom this Sunday, October 11 starting at 10:15am at Jammin’ Java.

Bring your own perspective on Sunday, and we hope you too will volunteer to join our Panel of Preachers sometime in the future.

And mark your calendars for October 18, when we put musical worship out front, designing a whole service (not behind some preacherly content, but) around an arc of worship songs created by our very own lead worshipper, Stephen Rouse.

–Mike Stavlund