On the Table– July 27 through August 2

“A dialogue, not a monologue” is a phrase that Common Table has discovered about itself (mostly as we visited other churches and realized that we constantly needed to repress our newfound (yet natural) inclination to speak up, ask questions, or make observations…). So we’re excited to embark on a new experiment where we essentially stretch out our feedback loop. Instead of presenting content and having space for an immediate response, we’re expanding our timeframe a bit:

On Week 1, we’ll be camping out on (monologish) content, using a more traditional worship liturgy and sermon to provocatively explore the text we’ll be spending the whole month with.

On Week 2, we’ll be giving the floor to everyone else, inviting 5-minute contributions on the topic/text, and/or responses to the sermon from the previous week. Music, poetry, stories, mini-sermons, art, math, midrash, and anything else that expresses our varied ideas about the text.

On Week 3– in what seems like a nervously fun kind of risk– we’re reserving that space for… we know not what (yet). Possibly a service project, maybe something contemplative, perhaps something celebratory, or quite possibly something that hasn’t yet occurred to us. But some activity designed to respond to that same text.

We will kick things off this Sunday, August 2 with a text from this week’s Lectionary: the famously enigmatic and oft-cited saying of Jesus, “I am the bread of life.” It will be a multi-sensory worship experience featuring a longish sermon (y’all asked for it!) which will hopefully kick off a whole month’s worth of rumination on this engaging passage.

If you can make it, we’d love to have you join us this Sunday at Jammin’ Java, starting at 10:15.

–Mike Stavlund