On the Table– April 25 through May 1


This Sunday, May 1st at 10:15, we welcome you to Jammin’ Java to celebrate with us our home-grown dedication/baptism liturgy, where we will remember our own baptisms and reflect upon the waters of grace which God offers freely to each of us. We will be dedicating our son, Owen Wesley, and making known our deep desire to raise him up in the way of love and grace, following Jesus’ example.

We personally have family attending whom have traveled from all over – from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and DC – to celebrate Owen with us. And we are deeply grateful for our extended family and our Common Table community, who have gathered around us, and around our son, and have loved him and cared for him in so many beautiful ways over the past two years of his life.

You are invited to bring a brunch food/appetizer to share with all as we enjoy the family-feel of this service. We would also like to invite anyone who is interested to bring something to share– a poem, or a few verses from the Bible, or a prayer, or a story, or something else. There is space in the liturgy for folks to contribute, either spontaneously or preplanned, and everyone is welcome to do so.

–Jackie and Pete