On the Table – August 6th through 12th

Hi church,

I think it’s officially “late summer”.  So, you know, swim, or something.  Wear sandals. Cooler weather will be here soon.  Probably.  You never know these days.

So what’s up with us?  Let me tell you.

First!  The Common Table Bill Murray Film Festival of Love will kick off this Saturday, August 11th, at the Rackleys’, with Ghostbusters and possibly Ghostbusters II for those who are really feelin’ it.  We’ll start at 7ish, and there will be snackies and drinkies, but feel free to bring some.  Details and directions have been sent to our Core List, but if you’re not on the Core but don’t want to miss hangin’ with the good Doctors (Spengler, Stantz, and Venkman), contact us.

Second!  Please join us at 10am on Sunday morning at Jammin’ Java for our Liturgical Worship Service – in this case, a contemplative time featuring scripture readings, our Eucharistic liturgy, and Taizé chants!  If you love Taizé like I do, you’re in for a treat.  If you’ve never heard of it, just expect a laid-back time of worship with some beauteous chanting.

Hope you can join us!

Mike Croghan

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