On the Table – July 16th through 22nd

Hi church,

This Sunday is the fourth Sunday of the month, so we won’t be gathering at Jammin’ Java this week. We’re still hoping that a Service-Worship project (that is, a gathering where we worship God by helping out someone in our wider community) might emerge for this weekend or next weekend, but we don’t have deets on that yet. So, there’s not too much going on…but there are a couple of fellowship opportunities.

On Friday night, some of us are going to see the movie version of the Hunger Games, which at least a couple of authors have claimed is worthy stuff for Jesus-followers to meditate on.

And on Saturday evening, there’s a big party at Weave and Chuck and Claire and Charlie’s house, to celebrate our making it through the summer so far, when the livin’ hasn’t always been easy. (I’m lookin’ at you, El Derecho.)

If you’re part of this church – even if you’re brand new or haven’t come to any of our gatherings yet – you’re more than welcome at either of these events. Parties and such are a great way to get to know us. If you want to join in, but haven’t got the skinny, contact us and we’ll fill you in.

And that’s all for now. Stay cool, kids.

Mike Croghan

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