On the Table – July 23rd through 29th

Hey church,

It’s another “off” weekend – no gathering at Jammin’ Java, because it’s the fifth Sunday of the month.  Community-wise, it’ll be a pretty low-key weekend.  But, we do have one opportunity that combines three of our favorite things:  friends, a chance to help out a bit, and delicious beverages.

The Doans are moving (from Chantilly to Herndon)!  In fact, they mostly have moved.  But if you have some time on Saturday afternoon – well, here’s Dee:

Well, we honestly don’t need a ton of help, I don’t think, but a handful of folks to help with a couple specific tasks would be great.

We will probably have a few awkward items left to retrieve from the old house – basketball hoop, garage shelves, etc. So a couple of guys to help Sam with that would be great. This would also be a good time to “harvest” any plant material folks might want – I highly recommend the thornless blackberry vines!

At the new house, we will probably still be assembling beds, etc and/or could work on moving some stuff out of the garage and into other appropriate rooms. There are also a few cleaning tasks left to be done.

I think if we got started around 2:00 and had 5 or 6 people we could probably be wrapping up and sitting down with our margaritas around 5:00. Sound reasonable? I can’t say I’m really equipped to host properly but we can order food – or just eat chips and salsa for dinner….

Yes, you read that last part right:  inaugural margaritas on the Doans’ gorgeous new deck!  So if you want to join in, contact us or look for details on the Core List (if you’re on the Core List).

And that’s all I have for now, but when we return to Java in August, there are some treats and challenges in store.  Join us as we find out which is more awkward:  a service in which we intentionally explore radical vulnerability, or a service featuring the spiritual teachings of Miss Piggy and Gonzo the Great….

Mike Croghan

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