On the Table – July 9th through 15th

Hey church!

As I type this, I’m a little afraid that I’m going to be attacked by my cat.

OK.  She’s settled down.  But now she and the other cat are staring at one another in a potentially combustible manner.  But that’s fine.  Whatever.  Just leave me out of it.

So…you probably came here wondering what’s going on this week.  Let me tell you.

First, come on out and join us on Friday evening for a Game Night with our friends at the Lamb Center (Fairfax County’s only drop-in resource center for folks who are homeless or close to homelessness).  If you think you could come, it would be great if you could bring some food (we’ll share a pot luck meal together) and arrive at 6:30 pm.

Then, come join us on Sunday morning (10am at Jammin’ Java) for our Discussion worship service.  We’ll return to the themes of interdependent community introduced by Maranda during our last Discussion service in March.  Here’s Ken with more:

This Sunday’s discussion service will be a continuation of the last discussion service building on the theme of intentional, collaborative community.  Maranda and Ken will co-facilitate a discussion of the challenges, risk, and rewards of living in “deep” interdependent community.  Particular emphasis will be on the cultural challenges of seeking to build this type of community in a culture that rewards autonomy and independence.  As with all discussion services, a few seeds will be planted and YOU will bring the content!  🙂

I’m not sure if, in Ken’s analogy, our ideas are the manure that makes the discussion seeds grow.  We can ask him on Sunday.

That’s all I got.  Hope to see you soon, and hope your summer is blessed.

Mike Croghan

P.S., Other Cat just came charging in here like her tail was in fire.  But I made it to the end without so much as a pounce onto the keyboardoijo309,ds,,,,,

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