On the Table – October 15th through the 21st

Hey church,

Well, as I mentioned last week, it’s an odd week, because we will not be gathering at Java on Sunday (though we normally would) because the folks at Java need the space for something else. However, we will be gathering at Java next week on the 28th, even though it’s the fourth Sunday. So the only officially scheduled event this week (that I know of) is:

This Saturday, October 20th, at 7pm, In the Year of our Lord 2012, the Bill Murray Film Festival of Love cordially invites you to a viewing of Lost In Translation at the home of Dr. Sandy Rackley and The Venerable C-Rack. Give us a shout if you want directions!

Other upcoming events include:

On Saturday the 27th, we’ll hold our quarterly-ish congregational meeting in the morning from 10am until noon or so. If you care about Common Table, you are welcome at that meeting!

On Saturday, November 3rd, the League of Common Heroes will hold their first ever convocation. For justice! Common justice. (OK, it has nothing to do with justice in any meaningful sense. It’s about us dressing up as super heroes.)

That’s all I’ve got.

Mike Croghan

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