On the Table – October 8th through 14th

Hi church,

Let me just tell you, you’re lucky it’s me and not Mike Stavlund writing this. Why? Because you might be interested in hearing about something other than the epic, awesome WeberFest Grill-a-Palooza he hosted this past Monday, and the season premier of “The Walking Dead” coming up on Sunday night. That’s why.

Don’t worry, though. I’ve got your back. Here’s the scoop:

The Bill Murray Film Festival of Love’s hiatus is being extended for another week due to festival-goer ennui. Meh. Back next week for sure (Lost in Translation at the Rackleys’).

On Sunday morning at 10am at Jammin’ Java, please join us for what’s theoretically a Liturgical Worship Service, but is actually going to be a Hymn Sing (i.e., suggest your favorite hymns and we’ll try to sing them) followed by another Quaker-style silent Waiting Worship time. I figure that between people who love hymns and people who hate hymns, and people who love silence and people who hate silence, we’ll please and annoy a remarkably broad swath of people this week. #WIN But mostly the point, as always, is to experience God in community!

Then, let me prep you a bit for upcoming schedule weirdness. We will not be gathering at Java on Sunday the 21st (though we normally would) because the folks at Java need the space for something else. By the same token, we will be gathering at Java on the 28th, even though it’s the fourth Sunday. Also! On Saturday the 27th, we’ll hold our quarterly-ish congregational meeting in the morning from 10am until noon or so, so mark your calendar for that if you haven’t already. If you care about Common Table, you are welcome at that meeting!

And that’s all I’ve got to say.

Mike Croghan

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