On the Table – September 10th through 16th

It’s time to light the candles…
It’s time to wire the mics…

But before we get to that: This Saturday, September 15th, at 7pm, in the Year of our Lord 2012, the Bill Murray Film Festival of Love cordially invites you to a viewing of Rushmore at the house of Pam and Craig Frogale. If you need directions, or a ride, or to find out where to acquire a quantity of bees, give us a jingle.

And then… it’s time to get things started… in the most sensational… inspirational… Muppetational… this is what we call the Muppet Service! Yayyyyy!!! Please join us at 10am on Sunday at Jammin’ Java for our All-Ages Service entitled, “Everything I really need to know about faith, I learned from the Muppets”. We promise fun and inspiration, wakka wakka and bork bork bork, for kids and adults of every conceivable age and temperament. Even really serious people. We love you too. No, really!

And that’s it for this week. Hope it’s enough to entice you to come hang out with the lovers, the dreamers, and…us! 😀

Mike Croghan


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