On the Table – September 3rd through 9th

Hey church,

Well, last weekend we retreated.  It was epic.  Then we had to go home, go to work, go to school, etc.  It’s over.  Or is it?  More on this soon….

But first!  On Friday evening (this evening!) we will gather with our friends at the Lamb Center (Fairfax County’s only daytime drop-in center for homeless folks) for our monthly pizza and karaoke party. Bring your children (if any), your singing voice (if any) and your silly self (you know you have one). We’ll gather at 6 for setup, the singing starts at 6:30, and we’ll sing ‘Amazing Grace’ and finish up by 8.  Good times!

Second, the Bill Murray Film Festival of Love resumes this Saturday evening around 7pm with a Showing of The Life Aquatic at the Weaver/Anderson manse.  If you need directions, give us a shout!  (Note: not accessible via submarine.)

Third, we had planned to have a Discussion Service on Sunday morning at Jammin’ Java, but our Head Discusser is in Idaho for work, and he ain’t coming back (until next week some time).  So instead…(here’s where that dramatic foreshadowing about the retreat not being over pays off)  …the one thing we planned to do at the retreat but didn’t do (for all the right reasons – that is, Dorkball in the pool) was a Quaker-style waiting worship service.  So, the retreat lives on:

Please join us at 10am on Sunday at Jammin’ Java for a service of silent waiting on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, followed by sharing of communion.

And finally!  A bunch of us are participating in the 9/11 Unity Walk Sunday afternoon in DC.  It’s not too late to register and join us!

And that, my friends, is all I’ve got for this week.

Mike Croghan

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