On the Table– February 23 through March 1

Last week we were snowed out, but this week we press on with the first of four services in our Lenten series! The concept for this series revolves around words — specifically churchy words.The kind of words that are either so overused or esoteric they no longer resonate with us. Rather than tossing them out or replacing them altogether, we’ve decided to reclaim them — but this time with some flair! Each week 2-3 people will unpack one word from a different perspective and using a different medium. Check out our Lent @ CT Google Doc for opportunities to contribute!
The word for this week is: Simplicity. In the Christian tradition Lent is a time for simplification, an intentional stripping away of worldly pleasures. But why simplify? How does this help us connect with God and with one another? And what does this “stripping away” process actually look like? Joins us as we explore these questions together through art, music, film, and written reflection.
Lent the games begin!
–Leigh Finnegan