On the Table– September 19 through 25

It’s time for another one of our regularly scheduled (metaphorical and kinda literal) Barn-Raisings! Let’s help Emmaline cross the finish line of her recent relocation:

Stav has asked me if I need any help in my never ending move for this month’s barn raising, and my answer is humbly that I’m in no position to turn down help!

I welcome the help of anyone who can come to help me unpack, purge, and organize at my new place in Woodbridge at 10:00 on Sunday and stay as long or as little as you can/want. My landlords tend to be gone on Sundays until 3:00 so if we can get everything done early, we’ll have more room to move around. Everything’s in the room now, and the bed is set up, but I’m commuting about two hours a day now, so I have not had the time, energy, or concentration to do much of the work that makes a house (or in this case, room) a home. 🙂

I’ll have pizza and drinks for you!

Please text me at 828-246-3302 or email me at emmalinetaylor@yahoo.com for the address at the new place and more information.

A head’s up that my landlords have a friendly Rottweiler just in case you have an allergy or fear of dogs.

Thank you so much for your continued help!

We hope to see you there!
–Mike Stavlund (AKA, the aforementioned ‘Stav’)