On the Table– October 20 through 26

It was a minor blunder, but one which we mean to correct.

In our nervous excitement about our new service format ‘Dueling Preachers,’ our interlocutors piled on a bit too much content, allowing mere minutes for the discussion that was to follow.  Putting a cork in that goodness was both painful and unfortunate.
So this week, we will turn the tables and take up one of our more stately service formats, the venerable ‘Radiolab‘ service.  Wherein we invite 5-minute contributions from any and all CTers (you need not be present, in fact, as we’ve had proxy readers and video submissions as well).  And don’t limit yourself to short sermons or talks, either– we’d relish some poetry, or a worship exercise, or a song (recorded or live), or a film clip, or a bit of visual art, or a dance, or anything else you can create.
We’ll pick right up with the theme from last week, focusing on the Exodus and Matthew readings from the Lectionary, and following on (and surpassing, no doubt) the thought-seeds sown last week by Pete and myself.  We would also recommend a great sermon on the same texts from our friend Shane Claiborne, delivered just yesterday at the Duke Chapel.
So if you had something to say yesterday, or if you didn’t think of it until later, or if you said something and wanted to do it in more than about 30 seconds, please, bring it!  We’re especially interested in more of the great ideas, illustrations, songs, and poems brought forward by our younger attenders this past Sunday.
Sign up on this Google Doc, and we will see you on Sunday morning (yes, October 26) at 10:15 at Jammin’ Java!
–Mike Stavlund