On the Table– July 21 through 27

It’s Curveball Sunday, that regular Common Table tradition where we defy convention and don’t meet.  Well, we do meet, but not for ‘Church’.  Well, it is church, but it’s actually better than ‘Church’ (or at least it is to us).

So here’s the deal.  It’s not a ‘worship service’, it’s ‘service worship’– we gather together to be church, and to do some stuff, and to learn to love one another in practical ways.  This time around, we’ll be doing some yard work in Falls Church- mowing, weeding, mulching.  We are still trying to decide if we will have enough participants to do more than one project, so if you’re interested in joining us– and you are much more than welcome to do so!– please contact us (info is on the bottom left of our homepage) to find out where we will be, and what we’ll be doing this Sunday morning at 10am.

Hope to see you soon,

Mike Stavlund