On the Table– August 3 through 9

It’s underway, friends: a month-long Sunday-morning experiment that’s so fresh and full of possibilities that we don’t even know what to call it yet. The title, ‘Create Your Own Adventure’ is already taken (and a big mouthful), but that’s the general idea.

This past Sunday we shut down the feedback loop completely, using only one-way communication and giving no opportunity for congregational response. We spent some time with the Lectionary reading from John 6:24-35, exploring it via liturgy and litany and sermon (read it here). This left more than a couple Common Tablers feeling uncomfortable and slightly bloated with unuttered responses, which was kind of our intent.

That’s because this Sunday (August 9) we’d like to have *only* feedback, utilizing our midrashic model, better known as our Radiolab format. So if you have a thought about that same text, or a response to the sermon, or a poem or story to tell, or a piece of music, or some liturgy (standard or homemade) to share, we would *love* to experience it. (And yes, we would love to eat any and all bread that you might bake.) Sign up for a five-minute slot on the Google doc, and we’ll be all ears. We will see what comes, together, on Sunday at 10:15 at Jammin’ Java.

And in two weeks (August 16)? Well that’s an even bigger mystery. The challenge we’ve laid before ourselves is to come up with a whole format that will instantiate our response to this same text, ideally something that is participatory and multi-sensory and multi-generational. Maybe a service project, or art project, or meditation, or creative exploration. Please keep your eyes and ears and souls open for ideas and inspiration, and speak up when it comes!

Other Upcoming Events:

  • On Wednesday, August 19 author, thinker, instigator, emergence church practitioner, and fan of Common Table Doug Pagitt is bringing his ‘Flipped’ tour to DC!  Based on his excellent book (which explores a bunch of fascinating ‘flips’– interesting and compelling interpretations of familiar Bible stories), it’ll be a fun night of thinking and playing and music and laughter (…and I’m trying to see if it’s possible for us to make a few pancakes there that night, if anyone wants to help with that).
  • The great commuter catharsis and joyful celebration of Americana that is the Demolition Derby is once again coming to town!  Several times, actually, over the course of the Prince William County Fair.  On at least one of those nights you can be sure that there will be a CT crew on hand to cheer, eat fair foods, and ride the rickety rides into the night.  We hope you’ll join us for the fun.

— Mike Stavlund