On the Table– August 15 through 21

Hello Church of the Common Table,

Sorry this is only getting out to you now. This is my first time
taking a lead role for a Chruch of the Common Table Service. I am both
excited and nervous. In typical Common Table style, pieces of the
service are still coming together (and will likely still be coming
together on the morning). I am excited about the service and what we
have on the docket so far, but I am also looking forward to what
others might contribute.

This service on August 21st at 10:15am at Jammin’ Java will be a Radio Lab format. That is something we at Church of the Common Table do periodically, and I
remember the first time I learned a service was going to be a Radio
Lab that I had no idea what that meant. Basically, it means that most
of the content for the service will come from YOU! The theme is,
Finding Your Creative Voice, and people will be able to sign up for 5
minute slots ahead of time and/or on the day of the service. If what
you want to share is more like 3 minutes or more like 6 minutes, don’t
stress too much about the time.

To give a little background about the theme, it all started because as
someone who works as an interpreter (allowing other people’s words to
be interpreted and flow through me all day in two languages), the
importance of having my own voice outside of work is something that is
so important for me to feel like a whole human being. We would love
for you to sign up for a slot to hear you tell about the unique ways
in which God has gifted you with creativity. Feel free to talk about
your identity, feel free to talk about struggles and/or successes you
have had in finding your creative voice. Also, feel free to just share
a bit of creative expression, which could be a song, painting, poem,
piece of fiction, sculpture, or whatever other type of creativity is
important for your self-expression.

Here is the sign-up link, and feel free to hit me up with any
comments, questions, or concerns.

Peace and Love,

Rachel E. Birr Córdova